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Content Strategy + Content Design

Created content strategy and directed content design for B2B IoT technology firm. Navigated changes to brand and content after a significant shift to new ideal customer profile and revised product-market fit. Balanced the need to appeal to technical audiences with user-friendly content design techniques. Partnered with Demand Gen, Product Marketing and Sales to design a variety of content to meet user needs at various stages of the buyer's journey.

Brand: Very

Roles: Content Strategy, Content Design and Production, Team Management

Timeframe: 2021-2023

LinkedIn Ads (prior to rebrand)

Untangle the impossible ad image

Shortlist of service providers - ad image

451 brief ad image


Thought Leadership Content (post-rebrand)

Pulse Check on IoT Adoption - report image linked to document

Research report serving as anchor content for a multi-channel campaign. This file is password protected. Please request the password to view.


Data Scient pillar page image - links to the document


Research content image - links to document


Hardware prototyping image - links to document


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